Thursday, January 5, 2017

17 UFOs in 2017

Good day, my friends.  As I mentioned yesterday, I am on mission to bust some UFOs in 2017.  Not only am I participating in Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal, I am also joining Meredithe’s 17 UFOs in 2017 Challenge at pomegranate and chintz.

The reason I love this challenge is because the participants are encouraged to at least make PROGRESS on their projects…no pressure to FINISH.  In my opinion, if you are making progress then a finish is inevitable.  Unless you fall out of love with the project.  I have one of those UFOs that I am not sure I love enough to keep it going…we shall see.

Here is my list for the entire year:

Mini Valentine Quilt (also my January OMG)
Butterfly Trails Label (I don’t think quilts are complete until they are labeled…why do I have such an issue with this?)
Willow Weave Label
Deck-Ade the Halls Label
Building Blocks – finish knitting and assemble into an afghan
Birdie Stitches – stitch in the ditch and make each block a mini quilt to be displayed monthly
Summer Table Runner – quilt and bind
Farm Girl Vintage Blocks – finish all blocks then decide which ones go into a quilt and which will be potholders J
Swilly Scarf – knitting
Asanagi Wrap – knitting
2009 (yep, it’s that old) Saturday Sampler
2016 Row by Row – doing this one before finishing 2015 because I love the Home Sweet Home theme
2015 Row by Row
2009 (what was it about that year?) – Thimbleberries 3s Company Quilt
Sewing Machine Cover – I don’t love piping!
Halloween Baltimore Quilt – I’m not sure I love this one…it may get donated
Christmas Stockings – I machine embroidered names on the cuffs but now I want to add embroidery to the boots

My January nominees for 17 UFOs in 2017 are:

    ~~~ Mini Valentine Quilt~~~

        ~~~All Quilt Labels~~~

 Deck-Ade the Halls

    Butterfly Trails

        Willow Weave        

~~~Building Blocks - numbers 5, 6 and 7  ~~~

Just because I am busting UFOs this year doesn’t mean I won’t start something new… I’m sure that I will but the UFOs take priority.

Are you joining any challenges, BOMs or other sew-alongs this year?  If so, let me know and I’ll follow your progress.  We can encourage each other!

Enjoy your day J

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy 2017 – An OMG Year

Happy New Year my crafty friends.  I truly hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and that 2017 is going to be happy, healthy and prosperous for you.

My Navy son is home for the new year.  He returns to Japan on January 14th so I’m not spending very much time being creative but I am having a great time with him here.

I have so much to share with you but I’m not going to do it in just one post.  I owe you an update on some things from the last post…waaaay back in November.  YEESH!  But today I want to share about my plans for 2017.

I’m not one to make resolutions and I haven’t had much success over the last couple of years on my personal goals.  This year, though, I am turning things around.

I’m going to start with participating in two monthly linky parties – that I'm sure will help me bust some UFOs.  The first one is One Monthly Goal (OMG) hosted by Patty at Elm Street Quilts.  The second one is 17 UFOs in 2017 hosted by Meredithe at pomegranate and chintz.

Today I’m going to share what I plan to accomplish for the January OMG and then tomorrow I’ll share my 17 UFOs in 2017.  I still have to take photos for that one.

January OMG – Mini Valentine Quilt

This is something that I want to finish piecing, quilting, binding and labeling for enjoyment in February.  I’ll share the finish (YES! I must finish) at the end of the month and include all of the details.

It is an overcast dreary day in southeast Florida today.  Could it mean we may get a break in the heat?  It certainly hasn’t felt like winter here, even by our standards.

Hope the sun is shining on you today…

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Just a Thing or Two

As I was editing last weekend’s photos, I realized that I have been a little productive in the sewing room.

My friend’s church has a couple of ladies that take mission trips to Haiti, Dominican Republic and Honduras.  They deliver dresses to girls in orphanages there.  Each Monday night members and non-members of the church gather to make these simple dresses.  I have participated a few times. 

Over the last few months I contributed 13 dresses.

All of the materials come from donations.


Speaking of donations…  a couple more helmet liners were donated to Forgotten Soldiers Outreach.  

These were sent to me from Pat in New Jersey.  She is a friend of Selina’s who, like Selina, has contributed helmet liners the last two or three years.  Selina’s package is somewhere in post office land.  She has her local postmaster searching for them.  Between the three of us, we have completed 7 helmet liners this year.


My sister visited last month so we could celebrate my Mom’s 73rd birthday.  

As is our tradition, we went to the Mount Dora Craft Fair.  It is pretty much the same year after year.  You can read about a previous visit here.


I cut fabric for two laptop cases.  My daughter’s college roommate asked for one and my daughter decided hers needs to be replaced. 

I was supposed to finish these last weekend using my early birthday present...thank you SWEEEET HUBBY! 

However, there was a distraction…a nice distraction.  I’ll share about that in a later post.

Hoping to make the laptop cases by Friday as I’m leaving for Old Town Alexandria on Saturday for 9 days.  I’ll be working there all of next week.  

It won’t be all work and no play, though.  Next Sunday morning, and the following, I’ll be taking a class at Fibre Space.  I shared my first visit with them here.  They sent me the yarn, pre-wound, in advance so I could make the swatch.  

We will be learning how to make this...

Photo from Google Search

The pattern is Asanagi Wrap by Olga Buraya-Kefeliar.  You can find it on Ravelry.  The yarn is from Woolfolk Tynd, 100% Ovis 21 ultimate merino – whatever that means.  I’ll ask for an explanation when I get to class.

Hope everyone exercised their right and voted today.  I did my part J


Monday, November 7, 2016

100th Blog Post Giveaway Winner

First I want to thank everyone that commented on my last blog post for their encouragement and feedback.  You’ve given me just what I asked for J  I wish I had a gift certificate for all of you!

Counting people, twenty-one followers commented so I let the random number generator do its thing…

The lucky number today is 15!  

Congratulations to Needled Mom
Mary will receive the $25 Fat Quarter gift certificate.

Thank you all again!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day J

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

100th Blog Post and Giveaway

When I started my blog on June 6, 2013, the intent was to share progress on my craft projects - and maybe a little of my life - on a weekly basis.  Now that would mean today should be my 179th post.  I’m a little off from my original goal J

I’ve made so many new blog friends but it seems like we are more likely to post on Instagram or Facebook these days.  It’s like an instant post without much effort.  Honestly, I do not really post much on the Slammin’ the Screen Door Facebook page, I’m mostly on Instagram and I see so many of my favorite blog friends are there as well.

I am not quite ready to abandon the blog.  I do have hopes of reviving it along with my creative activity.  I have been in such a slump lately with regard to sewing or much of anything crafty.  I’m going to shake myself out of this slump because I have so many projects waiting to be completed.

And because it is somewhat of a miracle – that I have completed 100 blog posts – I will celebrate by offering a giveaway.  The prize?  How about a $25.00 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop?

To enter, leave a comment on this post to let me know if you are a regular follower of my blog. And if so, let me know how you follow…  Google +, Bloglovin’, email or some other way.  Do you follow me on Instagram too?
The winner will be selected from comments that are received on this post only by Sunday, November 6th at 9:00 pm EST. 
~~~~Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend~~~~
I will use the online random number generator to select the winner sometime after 9 pm.

Now, just so you know that I haven’t been completely lazy, I want to share the latest block in my Building Blocks adventure. 

This is block #5, a lesson on cables – and it is another one that I am going to re-do.  Why?  The block is so simple that I got complacent and knitted an entire 7 extra rows!  Now, the block in the photo is my 4th or 5th attempt.  I’m not kidding when I tell you that I got complacent.  There were times that I knitted when I was supposed to purl and vice versa.  It doesn’t help that I do this while watching sports too.

This is November 1st and I say it is as good a time as any to jump back into my projects.

Let’s see how it goes J

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Building Blocks Update and Halloween Panel

Just where did the summer 2016 go?  As fast as Flash Gordon it is gone!  From July 8th until August 21st I traveled every weekend, pretty much covering the entire state of Florida.  I was as far northwest as Perdido Key on the Alabama border, as far northeast as Fernandina Beach on the Georgia border, as far southwest as Sarasota and as far south as Key West.  This post was going to be a recap but when I downloaded the photos, all 2203 of them…well, I decided that was going to take more bandwidth than I have at this moment to organize.

So, I thought I would give you an update on my Building Blocks progress.  If this is the first you are reading about BB then you can catch up here and here.

Remember Block 3 and how wonky it was?

I decided there MUST be a redo.

This is Block 4 and the lesson here is simple decreases.

These have not been ‘blocked’ so I’m sure they will end up more square and to the proper size before I sew them together.

I’m currently working on Block 5 (cables) and absolutely loving it…can’t wait to show this one to you later in the week.


On one of my summer road trips I visited a shop that had some really cute panels.  I am not typically a panel kind of gal but I thought this one would look cute in my daughter’s college apartment.  This is Frightful and Delightful from Henry Glass.  It is supposed to glow in the dark.

I added the purple inner border and the dots are not only the outer border but also the backing.  I tried a new-to-me method of binding by folding over the backing.  Super easy for something small but I think I’ll stick to the traditional method on larger quilts.

That is about all of the creativity I’ve been able to muster lately but looking around at some of the items that followed me home this summer, I better get to it.

Hope you are all having a great week!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

American Embroidery Conference and Building Blocks

The American Embroidery Conference is an annual gathering of machine embroidery designers and vendors of all sorts.  This year’s event was held in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  It was four days of instruction and, for the most part, fun.

Most of my classes were with Missy Billingsley.  She offers designs in everything from tea towels to cross body bags and tablet keepers.  I find her instructions very easy to follow.  I just loved her and her helpers.

Here is what I made in her classes.

Cross Body Butterfly Bag

Cute as a Button Zippered Bag

Quilty Tool Caddy

Various items including a mug rug and koozie

The conference also supports a charity, Kids in Distress (KiDs).  These are children who are removed from abusive homes in Palm Beach and Broward counties.  You can read more about them here.

The conference raffles gift baskets to raise money for KiDs and they also challenge quilters to donate as many quilts as they can.

I did step away from the embroidery machine to take one class on making a tumbler quilt which is to be donated to KiDs.  The intention was that you got as far as you could during the class and finish at home.  The pre-cut kit was provided.

The kit was a disappointment.  The fabric had been donated and it was a mix of all kinds…NOT quilt quality.  I persevered but it wasn’t enjoyable.

I found the conference to be a bit expensive.  You pay a hefty registration fee and then pay for each class separately.  There are mostly two classes per day.  I understand the charges but in retrospect, I don’t feel like there is much value there for me so I won’t be attending in the future.

On a happier note, I am making progress on my Building Blocks and learning a lot.

Block 2 is finished.  The lesson here was reading charts.

Block 3 is finished.  This was a lesson on yarn over and bobbles.  I had to tie on another skein of yarn and the block is wonky.  If the blocking process doesn't make it look better then this one will be a do over.  I won't mind as the bobbles were fun J

My husband and I are taking a long weekend, traveling to Alabama and north Florida.  A friend is going to try to restore my treadle’s cabinet or maybe replace the wood part all together.  So excited to get this baby going again.  My sewing machine guy has the machine itself serviced and says it is a gem.

I’ll share more about the machine later.