Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Little Bag

I have made this little cosmetic bag before. It was a gift for a co-worker and I shared about it here.

Besides the fabric, what’s different?

I learned how to manipulate the design so that I could add a liner to the inside.  (This bag is constructed entirely in the embroidery hoop of my Brother Quattro 3)

I love this little bag…now I just have to figure out how to change the design on the front.

Maybe a monogram? Hmmmm

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Almost a Finish...Butterfly Trails

My daughter's graduation quilt came home today from the long arm quilter!  Now it is time to finish the shams, bind and label the quilt.

For a preview of the quilting, please visit Karen Marchetti's blog.

Karen did an amazing job on the quilt and we couldn't be happier!

The screen door is truly slamming a lot around here these days but not anything that I can really share about just yet.  I've been trying to keep up with the blogs I follow but I'm a couple of days behind there as well.

Such is life!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

Remember when I told you about this?

I was so happy to receive Stephanie's book Uncommonly Corduroy. Right away I found some projects that I knew I would make.  

Here is one of them…

I call it Travels with Lilly instead of its pattern name Travels with Lou.  Why?  Because I found this awesome Lilly Pulitzer fabric at Laura’s.  (And I didn't ask for permission to call it anything else!)

To understand the pattern name, I strongly suggest you purchase the book. (I am not compensated in any shape, form or fashion for my excitement over this book...which is chock full of patterns and you can't beat the price for all you get!)

I changed it up a little bit…’cuz that’s how I roll J

I added a monogram to the outside pocket. (That's all I changed...so I didn't roll too far)

...Found "fabulous" buttons at Hobby Lobby

Stephanie gives you enough pocket space so I created 3 slots...cuz I'm blind and needed the extra spot

I'm packed and ready for the SUMMER :)

I look forward to making a more traditional bag for the fall.  I promise to use corduroy because that was the original intent of the pattern and also because I think it would be so COOL.

One thing I forgot to share with you is my FINISHED Granny Stripe Afghan…again, inspired by Stephanie.  Do you see a pattern here?

I added a reverse single crochet border and called it DONE!  It turned out just a bit larger than a lap size.

I'm so happy that I changed the yarn.

It looks nice on DH's bedroom reading chair.

My STAYcation is going well.  DD's room makeover should start soon...wish me luck!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Goodnight Irene - March Blocks

I completed row 3 for Terry’s Goodnight Irene Sew-Along.

Good thing we aren’t sewing the blocks into rows yet because I keep moving them around.

I’m currently on a STAYcation with big plans to enjoy the beach and complete some sewing projects.  Maybe I’ll blog more frequently J

Happy Friday!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Three Little Pillows and The Orchid Room

My daughter’s quilt is STILL at the long armer’s waiting (since the beginning of October) for the magic.  I expected to have it back either January or February but, as it goes when you use someone who is great at their craft, it is still waiting its turn.  In addition to the quilt, she also has three 18” pillow shams.

DD's Quilt

This weekend I decided to make her throw pillows that will sit in front of each sham.  The weather was gorgeous yesterday so I took the pillows to our local botanical garden to be photographed.

I used the embroidery unit to my Quattro 3 to make the center blocks

While we were there, we walked through The Orchid Room which is proof that orchids grow like weeds in south Florida.

A pretty fountain at the entrance of the gardens

What's a pond without ducks?  My DH thinks these are two female Mallards.
He's pretty good with his wildlife ;)

Then of course, the resident dragon!

 I still have a lot of projects on my list to complete but I am slowly chipping away at it.

I know I promised pics from the recent quilt show but after going through them, I've determined they really aren't blog worthy.  Part of the problem was the cramped quarters.  I couldn't get enough distance between me and most of the quilts to fully capture their beauty. Another part of it is that my camera battery is dying and the biggest part...well, let's be honest, I'm not a photographer.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful week!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My New Book and Quilt Show Vendors

Look what I have…

Uncommonly Corduroy
by Stephanie Dunphy

Now don’t be jealous…you can possibly win your very own copy, well the ebook version anyway.  Go to Stephanie’s at Loft Creations and follow her links to all the wonderful bloggers offering you a chance to win this treasure.  Each of those quilters tested patterns for Stephanie and they are known as her Supremes.  I follow most of them and can tell you, they are fantastic!  You can bet that the patterns in this book are perfect!  Don't let the name fool you...Stephanie's patterns aren't just for corduroy, you can use your favorite quilter's cotton too.

I’ve read this book cover-to-cover twice, three a few times and have already chosen two bags that I will make.  I won’t get started on the quilts…yet


In my last post, just over TWO weeks ago, I mentioned a quilt
show.  This is a small show that our local quilt guild hosts every other year.  The guild name is Port Saint Lucie Crazy Quilters…I know a couple of them and can see where they get their name J  (because they are Crazy Fun!!)

Since we always seem to take a gazillion (is that even a real word?) pictures, I split my recap into two posts.  Today I’ll share photos of a few vendor booths and later I’ll show you some of the amazing quilts our locals created.

I’ll start with my two favorite Sweethearts



They own Laura’s Sewing in Port Saint Lucie and in North Palm Beach.  Dave and Laura are our local Brother dealer…now you know why I love them.  I purchased my Quattro 3 from them back in December and they have been wonderful with their unlimited training, not only on how to use all of the machine’s features but also how to care for the machine. 

More vendors...

Fiber Art
 Who doesn't love a beach umbrella and flip flops?
Free motion quilting demo
More wool
Even more wool (which is different for south Florida)
Kits for small quilts

Not a rag quilt...this was a product you attach to the seams
It ravels in the laundry

I love this Christmas Tree kit

Kits with templates for making cathedral window blocks

Always a Special

Eleanor made an appearance

So what did I bring home?
A Sweet Heart Quilt
I can see this hanging on the wall next February 14th

My first wool projects
Kits for small candle mats

One for July 4th, one for Halloween, one for Thanksgiving
and one for Christmas

And these needles because the candle mat vendor
told me I needed them :)

I think I demonstrated great restraint, don't you?

Have yourself a blessed week and don't forget to stop by Stephanie's.  Tell her I said Hi!