Monday, February 6, 2017

Seeing Stars

Last Friday Sherri released her Quilting Life Block of the Month pattern for February.  It is made using half-square triangles so I used my Accuquilt GO! Big to cut the squares.  Between the cutter and the simplicity of the pattern, I had my block together in no time at all.

Sherri calls this one Scrappy Stars

Then I wanted to try a technique my friend Gene Black uses for making flying geese and his Flying Star pattern.  He shares both in a YouTube video (what did we do before YouTube?!?)  You can click here to go directly to the video and here to read Gene’s blog post about the block.

Using this method you make four flying geese at a time.

And that is exactly how many you need for one Flying Star block.

I used the Go! Big again and cut some B&C Miss Kate fabrics to make more of these stars.  I also cut some pieces to use in a leaders and enders project.  These will make perfect half-square triangles.

Have you been seeing stars lately?

Friday, February 3, 2017

17 UFOs in 2017 – February Commitments

I am enjoying the various sew-alongs that I am participating in this year.  I achieved all of my goals for last month and made great progress on some old projects.  Sure hope I can keep it going…

I’m so grateful that Meredithe and Anne are hosting 17 UFOs in 2017 because it has encouraged me to address my long list of unfinished projects and make a plan for getting them done….or at least make some progress on them.

You can see my January progress here.

My commitments for February are:

~~~ Building Blocks – numbers 8, 9 and 10 ~~~

~~~ Complete two blocks from Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage book ~~~

~~~ Make my birdie stitches blocks into mini quilts ~~~
This is also my February OMG

It is a short month so I should keep my list short, too J

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

OMG – February 2017

Way back in 2012, Corey hosted a block of the month called Birdie Stitches.  Click here to visit Coriander Quilts to see her blocks.

I used a jelly roll (can’t remember which one) to quickly border plain white squares and started stitching.  The project was set aside once I finished the hand embroidery because I could not decide what to do with them.

Sorry for the terrible pictures

I was recently inspired by Tanya when she shared her sewing room update and all of the lovely mini quilts she has displayed there.  Pay her a visit and see her wonderful space. Just click on her name above.

I’ve decided that my February OMG goal will be to finish the quilting and binding on each of the birdie blocks and turn them into mini quilts.  I’ll have a different mini quilt to display each month.

Many thanks to Patty for hosting Elm Street Quilts One MonthlyGoal.  It is keeping me inspired to make progress on my projects and I always enjoy seeing everyone else’s accomplishments.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

17 UFOs in 2017 - January Update

Happy February J

I am very happy today because I can say that I was successful in accomplishing my January goals for 17 UFOs in 2017.  You can see my entire list for the year by clicking here.

January’s progress…

Mini Valentine Table Topper

Quilt Labels for three quilts

Willow Weave 

Butterfly Trails

Deck-Ade the Halls

Building Blocks

Block #5 - A lesson in cables

Block #6 - A lesson in the right twist stitch

Block #7 - A lesson in the mock cable stitch

I’ll be back soon to share my February goals.  In the meantime, visit Meredith at pomegranate and chintz to see what others accomplished in January.

Hugs J

Friday, January 27, 2017

2017 Sew-Alongs

Hello and Happy Friday, my friends.

In addition to the challenges One Monthly Goal and 17 UFOs in 2017, I am participating in two new sew-alongs this year.

The first is a Farm Girl Group hosted by Dawn at Sew You Quilt 2.  My blog friend Julierose encouraged me to join and I’m so happy she did.  The purpose is to finish the blocks from Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage book.  This project is also on my 17 UFOs in 2017 list, so it is nice to have the ‘extra’ encouragement.

Dawn announces two blocks per month that the group will complete, if they haven’t already.  Participants can also make extra blocks if they wish.  I love the flexibility with this sew-along…no pressure, just fun.

January’s blocks were Milking Day and a Cow.  The Cow block is not part of the book and I don’t think - at least right now - that I want that one in my quilt so I skipped it.

Here is my Milking Day block.

I made this one when I started Lori’s sew-along in 2015.

I’ll be starting next month’s blocks soon which are Scrappy Strawberry and Patchwork Pumpkin.

The second sew-along I am participating in is a block of the month hosted by Sherri at A Quilting Life.  She posts a new block pattern on the 5th of each month.  I’ll be using a fat-eighth bundle of Autumn Woods by Kate & Birdie for Moda.

Here is my January block.

You can find Sherri’s instructions for this one by clicking here.

January is shaping up as a successful month for me.  You can read about my OMG accomplishment here.  I’ll be sharing my 17 UFOs in 2017 progress next week.

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

OMG – January 2017

My first OMG and it is a success!  Albeit a small finish but a finish nonetheless.

This mini valentine table topper was started in 2015 when Linda from Stitch Lines visited her good friend in south Florida.  Her friend happens to have a winter home very near me so I was fortunate enough to meet a blog friend in person.

Linda is the queen of miniatures and after spending some time with her I was inspired to give it a try.  She showed me how to use Thangles and gave me some great pointers.  Armed with some Kiss Kiss by Abi Hall for Moda and some Bella solids, I made my first attempt.  In spite of all her efforts, I made some mistakes but I did learn from them.

So, I am happy to say that I dusted off the kissy faces and finished my table topper for January’s OMG.  Please visit Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal January Linkup to see what others accomplished this month.

You can visit Linda by clicking here.

Thank you Linda, I hope you come back to south Florida soon!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

17 UFOs in 2017

Good day, my friends.  As I mentioned yesterday, I am on mission to bust some UFOs in 2017.  Not only am I participating in Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal, I am also joining Meredithe’s 17 UFOs in 2017 Challenge at pomegranate and chintz.

The reason I love this challenge is because the participants are encouraged to at least make PROGRESS on their projects…no pressure to FINISH.  In my opinion, if you are making progress then a finish is inevitable.  Unless you fall out of love with the project.  I have one of those UFOs that I am not sure I love enough to keep it going…we shall see.

Here is my list for the entire year:

Mini Valentine Quilt (also my January OMG)
Butterfly Trails Label (I don’t think quilts are complete until they are labeled…why do I have such an issue with this?)
Willow Weave Label
Deck-Ade the Halls Label
Building Blocks – finish knitting and assemble into an afghan
Birdie Stitches – stitch in the ditch and make each block a mini quilt to be displayed monthly
Summer Table Runner – quilt and bind
Farm Girl Vintage Blocks – finish all blocks then decide which ones go into a quilt and which will be potholders J
Swilly Scarf – knitting
Asanagi Wrap – knitting
2009 (yep, it’s that old) Saturday Sampler
2016 Row by Row – doing this one before finishing 2015 because I love the Home Sweet Home theme
2015 Row by Row
2009 (what was it about that year?) – Thimbleberries 3s Company Quilt
Sewing Machine Cover – I don’t love piping!
Halloween Baltimore Quilt – I’m not sure I love this one…it may get donated
Christmas Stockings – I machine embroidered names on the cuffs but now I want to add embroidery to the boots

My January nominees for 17 UFOs in 2017 are:

    ~~~ Mini Valentine Quilt~~~

        ~~~All Quilt Labels~~~

 Deck-Ade the Halls

    Butterfly Trails

        Willow Weave        

~~~Building Blocks - numbers 5, 6 and 7  ~~~

Just because I am busting UFOs this year doesn’t mean I won’t start something new… I’m sure that I will but the UFOs take priority.

Are you joining any challenges, BOMs or other sew-alongs this year?  If so, let me know and I’ll follow your progress.  We can encourage each other!

Enjoy your day J