Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blogger Issues

It seems that I have three separate issues with Blogger.

1)    I schedule posts to publish on a specific date and time, they do not.  I have to log in and physically click the “Publish” button. 
2)  Some followers are not allowed to leave a comment on my post.  They type the comment but it doesn’t publish.  In my research, I came across this problem in a few different places but those bloggers have their blog linked to Google Connect, I do not.
3)  I do not consistently receive my email notifications when followers leave a comment.  Therefore, I am constantly checking my blog to make sure I do not miss anything from those who are actually able to leave a comment. 
I sent my issues to Blogger, along with screen shots of my settings…waiting for a response.
All of this to say, I apologize if you are one of those followers that is not able to leave a comment.  I also apologize if it takes me a little longer to reply to your comment, if you were able to leave one.
Hoping this is corrected sooner rather than later.  Otherwise, I’ll be looking for a different platform.

Monday, March 2, 2015

First Empty Nesters' Cruise - Part 4 and Finale

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This post will wrap up the Stepping Stones Quilt Guild quilt show in Nassau, Bahamas.

I previously mentioned that this quilt show was held in the hall of a very old church.  As you can tell from the photos, lighting was not good at all.  It was dark on the brightest side of the room and the area where the smaller quilts were displayed was even darker.  I did the best I could editing the photos.

Not a quilt to cuddle under

Actual driftwood attached

I saved my favorite for last...

It took us quite a while to get through the show but we both enjoyed it very much, especially meeting the nice ladies from Stepping Stones Quilt Guild.

We made our way back to the ship for refreshments and a little music poolside.

My favorite little lighthouse on the way out.

Thank you for allowing me to share our mini-vacation and quilt show experience.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

First Empty Nesters' Cruise - Part 3 The Quilt Show

Part 1 here
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For some reason I am not getting notifications when my kind blog friends leave a comment on my post.  Anyone have any idea why this has changed?

Apparently I took too many photos because Blogger will not allow me to share all of them with you in one post. This story may go on for quite some time…sorry.

As promised, this post and the next one regarding the Stepping Stones Quilt Show will contain very few words and many photos.

This quilt was made using the Bahamas version of Batik fabric

Manufactured on the island of Andros
Hand dyed cotton...so soft

The lady sitting at the table was hand sewing little pin tucks on a baby dress.  Sorry that I didn't get a close up but she was a bit shy.

More to come...