Monday, April 8, 2024

Framing, Tomatoes, Strawberries and A Loaf of Bread

Hello and Happy Monday, dear friends.

If I cross stitch something and feel that it needs to be framed, then I like to do it myself. Sometimes, a piece finishes in a size that doesn’t fit a standard frame that is readily available to me.


Flea Market Flowers is such a piece. I recently took advantage of Michael’s big framing sale and had it framed by them.

I chose a frame that closely matched the outside border.

It is stitched on 25 count lugana, Vintage Cloth by Lori Holt, using the called for DMC thread. Lori Holt also designed the chart. This is a poor picture…sorry!

I cross stitched so much last month that I got a knot in my back and shoulder, so I put down the hoop and rested throughout the week. It was killing me to not be creative, so I turned to finishing.

I wasn’t sure if I should use the perfectly colored (but difficult to work with) chenille or rick rack on the Keeper of the Pins pillows.  I put a poll in my Instagram stories and the rick rack won.

I placed them in Mama’s sewing box. She decided she didn’t need it any longer and was going to throw it away.  Can you see me now, having a fit?!? Well, I kept it…broken and all.

While I was waiting for the IG votes to come in, I sorted through some cross stitch kits that needed to be put away. I found a kit for a cute little strawberry that I received at a retreat a couple of years ago. 

I attended a stitching event at The Silver Needle in Tulsa, OK and Samplers Not Forgotten was one of the featured designers. She had given us this and I figured I may as well finish it up.

Well, that turned into a few more…and there is going to be so many more to come.

It sure felt great to be back at the sewing machine again. I had intentions to do a bit more sewing Sunday but then my sweetheart and I went out for a loaf of bread.

There is a fabulous place in Asheville called Crust Never Sleeps Bakery that has delicious sourdough bread. Well, they also have pretty tasty morning buns, pretzels and other stuff.


We decided to take the Blue Ridge Parkway home…

It will be interesting and fun to see how the mountains change over the coming weeks.

Have a wonderful and blessed week everyone!


Gene Black said...

I always liked doing my own framing when I was painting. I had a friend with a big mat cutter so that also saved money and gave me more options.
I have been doing some free motion quilting on and old piece that I made years ago. I saw that it was barely quilted so I decided to use it to try some new designs I have seen. I found it great to back at the machine also.

Linda said...

What a gorgeous framed piece! The few cross stitch pieces I've tried to frame have been, well, I shall call them learning experiences. We have a new Michael's in town though, so that is a much better idea for me!

Love the strawberries. The Silver Needle in Tulsa is catty-corner from the restaurant where I made the monumental decision to stop dating the guy I was having dinner with and go back to my then-fiance, now husband, in the late 1960s - lol!

Your scenery and surroundings are just spectacular.

Julierose said...

Just a beautifully framed cross stitch!! Lovely work on this one, Jeanna;)))
Those mountains are so beautiful--I miss living in Pittsfield, Mass. where we were right in the middle of mountains and could see Mt Greylock changing colors all the time--now we are at the other extreme--sea level...everything changes, right?
Hugs, Julierose

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Flea Market flowers is gorgeous, Jeanna! It looks like a quilt! I haven't tried anything 3-D with criss-stitching, but the little strawberries look like fun. Beautiful drive, too!

www.self-sufficientsam.blogspot.com said...

I've done my own framing but I need to do more. Your Lori Holt pattern turned out great and I love your little pillow finishes. It's cute how you arranged then in your Mom's sewing basket. I threw my Mother's basket out...she didn't sew. In fact, from the time I was young I did all her mending. My Aunt taught me.
I remember the Blue ridge Parkway...I am scared to death of heights! I gripped the seat and closed my eyes most of the way! LOL!
That bakery sounds fantastic! Yum! I hope your shoulder heals. I can't XS for hours as my shoulder starts hurting so I vary my "crafts".
Love seeing your beautiful handmade creations!

Astrid said...

Love your Flee Market flowers and all the other pieces too, so pretty! (I have to get back to cross stitching!). Cutest strawberries and so happy you 'rescued' your mom's sewing box, beautiful display. Wish we had such bakeries here, so many yummy breads. Spectacular scenery.

Lin said...

The frame is perfect for your beautiful work. Love the old sewing basket which is perfect for your little pillows. Cute little strawberries and stunning scenery. xx

Rosemary Dickinson said...

I always love to see the projects you're working on. I took a framing class years ago when I used to cross stitch a lot. I did frame a few projects myself but I do like how it looks when done professionally. That bakery sounds so good!!