Friday, June 30, 2023

Catching Up

Hello, Friends!

Porch Flowers

My last post was on March 23rd (bad blogger!), so I thought it was time to tell you what I’ve been up to.


Since then, we’ve bought and moved into a new construction home, been to Florida four times, Ohio one time and attended two cross stitch retreats.


Rather than take up your time covering all of that at once, I thought I would share about the move first. I’ll cover the retreats in a separate post.


For a recap of how we ended up in North Carolina, read my post here.


We didn’t have much luck with purchasing an existing home but we did find a new neighborhood being built on a ridge. There will only be 10 homes in this development and I can handle living on a ridge much better than way up a mountain.


What I’ve learned during our house hunt is that the roads can be a bit sketchy and the weather is a little crazy.  Many of the roads are only one lane which means if you and a neighbor are traveling towards each other at the same time, someone will have to back down. (There is no shoulder…no moving to the side)


If there is a power outage in the upper elevations, you may not get it back for a while. It brought back memories of hurricanes. And the big reason I prefer a ridge at approximately 3000 feet above sea level over anything higher is reliable internet service.  Since I still work from home, consistent and strong internet is a must. Our utilities are underground and the road is easily managed.


The drive leading to the house. I need to take photo of the front.

The back of the house

We have met with a landscaper and are on his list for two new paver patios and steps to manage the slope. I may try my hand at plantings…but, we’ll see.


Some of our neighbors



Tom said "Hey Chuck, the feeder is empty!"


We brought my mom to stay for a couple of weeks and she made a new friend.  We do not know who this kitty belongs to but he seems friendly and loves to hang out underneath the bird feeder.

Tufted Titmouse drying off on the deck railing after a rain


Friendly black snake keeping all the bad ones away (I hope!)

Morning view from the deck


In other news, I recently “fully finished” a cross stitch piece.

This is Sweet Land of Liberty by Blackbird Designs. The fabric is 28 count Monaco that I coffee-tea dyed and I used the called-for floss which is mostly Gentle Art and one DMC. I finished stitching the design on February 21, 2021 and promptly placed it a drawer.


Here it is with two other designs from the same Blackbird Designs book Sweet Land of Liberty.


The pillow on the left is In Full Glory and the framed piece is American Eagle.


I’m hoping to finish more items from that drawer now that I have crafting space again.


If you made it this far…Thank You!


I’ll be back soon with a post about the cross-stitch retreats and an update on my stitching projects.


In the meantime, for those in the USA, I hope you have a safe and wonderful Independence Day.