Sunday, September 15, 2013

My New Favorite Coffee House and Butterfly Trails

Happy Sunday Friends!
A few girls from work and I met at the Stuart Coffee Company on Saturday afternoon for a little "Sit n Knit" session.
This place is not new to our area but it is new to Me J  It’s a quaint little place downtown that serves coffee, tea, light meals, etc.  We met there to work on these…
 Helmet Liners

I didn’t get pictures of the girls, at their request, but I’m not sure I’ll always be able to honor that…they are going to have to smile for the camera sooner or later ;) 

I also didn’t get any pictures of the inside but I will soon.  My DH is very interested in visiting with me.  (I guess Starbucks and Barnes & Noble is wearing old)

Now…for the big news!  Butterfly Trails is a flimsy!

I had this much thread left..
I found myself sewing faster and faster towards the end...you know, like THAT was going to keep me from running out.  One word for ya....WHEW!
I will shop for backing fabric next weekend and hopefully, it will be bound and labeled the next time you see it.
I love the way it turned out and my DD is super excited.  So excited that we are planning a whole room makeover…more to come!
I rewarded myself for this big accomplishment by starting a ‘no brainer’ project.   A ruffle scarf…
I got the yarn at this cute yarn store…

My poor machine is worn out and needs to be serviced.  I’ll probably take it in on Monday and get it ready for the holiday projects I have planned.  Not sure I’ll have a lot of quilting to share next week but I do owe Mom a couple of scarfs and there is always a helmet liner to work on.
Have a blessed week my Friends J

Sunday, September 8, 2013

From the Recipe Box and Stitching Progress

‘Tis the season to bake (isn’t EVERY season?) so I thought I would share an easy apple cobbler recipe.  You can find many variations of this recipe on the internet.  My family likes this one because it isn’t too sweet…just sweet enough.

Preheat the oven to 375o

For the filling:
6 cups of a tart apple (granny smith is my favorite) peeled, cored & sliced
¾ c.           sugar
2 tbsp.       all purpose flour
½ tsp.       cinnamon
¼ tsp.       salt
1 tsp.          vanilla extract
¼ c.           water
1 tbsp.       butter, softened

It took 5 granny smith apples to yield just over 6 cups

Place the apples in a bowl.  Combined the dry ingredients above and pour over the apples, add the vanilla extract and water.  Mix well.

Spray a 2 quart baking dish with cooking spray and pour the mixture into the dish.  Drop pieces of butter on top of the apples.

For the topping:
½ c.           all purpose flour, sifted
½ c.           sugar
½ tsp.       baking powder
¼ tsp.       salt
2 tbsp.       butter, softened
1                 egg, beaten

Combine the ingredients above and beat with a fork until it is a smooth consistency.  Place spoonfuls on the batter evenly on top of the apples.

Bake for 35 minutes (your oven may vary), make sure the apples are tender.
I'm wearing Mary Grace's apron, green side showing...for the apples of course!

This serves about 8

Serve with your favorite ice cream J Our favorite is French vanilla but my DH has discovered French vanilla gelato.

I'm linking up to Karen's Sew Darn Crafty Linky Party...Theme Week
sew many ways 

After the cobbler was finished, it was time for a cup of tea and some stitching.

Remember my DD’s graduation quilt that I first shared here?
I haven’t worked on it much after cutting everything out…that is until last weekend when I finished piecing all of the blocks. 

This weekend I started sewing the blocks into rows.  I joined three rows together just to give you some idea as to how it will look.

You can vaguely see the little seashells on the white background

Three rows together and ten more to go…  After the borders are added, this quilt will measure 91” x 105”.  I will try to finish the quilt top, backing and the pillow shams by the end of next weekend.  I want to send everything to the LAQ so the shams can be quilted at the same time as the top.

I’m also finishing helmet liner #6.  You can read more about those here.  I’ve committed to knitting 9 liners this campaign.  I would try to do more but we have quite a few participating knitters this year and I know we will have a lot to donate.  The Forgotten Soldiers Organization will include them in their Christmas mailing to the soldiers which is scheduled for November.
It’s been a busy and WAY too fast weekend here.  I hope you have enjoyed yours J

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Girl's Lunch: Mrs. Mac's Fillin' Station

 WARNING: Photo Overload
This is not a quilty, crafty post at all.  This is ME  keeping that promise I made to you here.  I didn’t have a camera with me the first time I went to this restaurant with Mom.  Well, my DD and I went back there with Mom last Saturday and I took LOTS of photos.  Here is a sampling…

My Mom and DD 
The front door handle
Menus have a license plate on the front and back covers
Flatware wrapped in oil rags (that have NEVER touched an automobile) 
Squeeze your tea lemon, wipe your hands on the napkin and it turns black...like OIL!

A wall in the Men's Room...yep, they took me in there!

Men's Room 
Ladies Room 


Who doesn't LOVE a Mustang?

Instead of mints at the end of your meal, you are given bubble gum :)

I hope you enjoyed the photos from Mrs. Mac’s.  The three of us had a great day and even did a little ‘antique shopping’ afterwards.  I’ll save that post for later.
I also did A LOT of stitching this weekend…just wait until you see what I was working on.  Hope to have another ‘share’ soon.
Have a great short week my Friends :)