Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Organizing Series: Day 5

Today I am reporting my results for Day Five of Sherri’s Summer Organizing Series.  If you click the button on my sidebar “Ready, Set Sew….” it will take you to Sherri’s post for an explanation of the series.

Day 5: Organize Thread and Bobbins

Pretty self explanatory...

Most of my thread is for machine embroidery, there is also some piecing, quilting and silk thread which I like to use to hand-stitch bindings to the back of my quilts.

The machine embroidery threads went into the blue boxes and smaller spools are stored in the clear box, bottom left of the photo above.  The remaining threads went onto a small wood spool holder.

Pre-wound bobbins for machine embroidery are stored in one of those little donut holders.  My sewing bobbins fit into little plastic clips inside the lid of my sewing box.

Very simple task which left me a lot of time this weekend to run errands and exercise (which is something I desperately need).  My DH and I rode our bikes this morning...to the bakery (coffee and danish...yes, please!).  If you follow me on instagram you can see the picture there.  To make up for it, we rode quite a distance again after dinner.

Thanks for popping in...enjoy your week ahead!


Carol said...

Looks wonderful!i'm working on cleaning out some stuff so I can get organized­čśČ

Carrie P. said...

I have been reading Sherri's tip organization tips. She has some great ones. Beautiful rainbow of thread.

Vicky Hunt said...

Very organized and so colorful! Sounds like a fun bike ride...:) I am debating on buying myself a new bike. I haven't had one in years and I really want a pretty new Huffy...preferably in aqua blue! Hope you have a great week...Vicky

Candace said...

Goodness, I can barely keep up with your wonderful organization, Jeanna! Keep up the great work! Oh - and if you ride your bike to the bakery, nothing you buy and/or eat counts ;>)

Aunt 'Reen said...

You have an awesome thread collection! Great job getting those spools organized this week!

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

I'm drooling over all the beautiful thread! I just can't get enough of the wonderful color in machine embroidery thread, I've have a million spools if I could - GASP* where would I put those? I suppose under the bed is out of the question?