Sunday, June 15, 2014

Organizing: End of Week Two

Sherri, A Quilting Life, is hosting a great summer organizing series and this week’s task was to tackle our fabric.  I do not have a huge ‘stash’ like many of my blog friends so this was a fairly easy one for me.

Day 7: Fabric Management Part 1 - Gather

I brought fabric and other ‘stuff’ out and placed it on the cutting table.  Then I separated everything into groups:
  • Garment or project fabric
  • Quilting fabric - yardage
  • Quilting fabric - pre-cuts or smaller than one yard
  • Felt and wool pieces
  • Items for machine embroidery projects (towels, diapers for burp cloths, etc...)

Day 8: Fabric Management Part 2 – Inventory

This is where we decide what to keep, trash, sell or donate.  We also placed our unorganized scraps into bins and inventoried our storage options.

I had already ‘purged’ fabric I no longer wanted or needed a while ago so all I had to do for this step was collect the scraps and better organize by ‘groups’ from Day 7.

Day 9: Tackle Scrap Storage

I kept only scraps that I think I will cut into smaller, usable pieces.  Everything else went into the trash.

 Day 10: Move In Day

Everything has a spot except yardage.  I have to get clear storage bins for that fabric so in the meantime, it sits on top of the fabric cabinet.

 Pre-cuts and smaller pieces  fit inside the little cubbies.

Seasonal yardage, felt, wool, backing  and garment fabrics are stored in the bottom of the cabinet.

I look forward to having a REAL room for my sewing space one day.  I could use my son’s room but I just do not have the heart to make that change… not sure I ever will.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Abby and Stephanie said...

Neat and tidy! I keep a small bin for scraps. If they don't fit they go in a donation bag. I love scrappy quilts but I remain reasonable about what I will/can accomplish in my life. :o) Looks like you're all ready to sit and sew up some fabulous projects.

moosecraft said...

Well done! Your next project will be so much more enjoyable now that everything is organized, out of the way and easily accessed when you need it. :-)

Darlene said...

Your hard work is very evident. Enjoy your organized space. :-)

Vicky Hunt said...

It looks great Jeanna! I like the categories you used to sort. I always have trouble with that. I also love the colors grouped together...blues, pinks, etc. Very pretty to look at! Enjoy your neat and tidy space! Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon...Vicky

Carol said...

Looks fantastic! What a great job!

Gene Black said...

I need to do some reorganization of my fabric and all of my sewing and craft supplies. It is a huge task though.

Sue said...

Just finished reorganizing my sewing room . It is so nice to have everything in there place & easy to see when I am looking for something :-D

Three Sheep Studio said...

I loved seeing your big plastic bin for scraps. That is how I store my wool scraps. Works like a charm !

Anne said...

Don't you just love when it's all tidy like that? And then you pull out a fabric - usually from the bottom of a pile and - bam! - it's all messy again. At least, that's how it always works with me! :oD

Breesmimi said...

Good for you Jeanna! Way to take those piles of fabric and tame them into your cubby system. It looks neat, clean and ready to go. Have fun.

Carrie P. said...

Great job! Now you are all ready to start a new project.

Linda Walker said...

Oh Jeanna, I wish my fabric was as organized as yours! I do have shelves but I just cannot seem to keep everything in its right pile! Then I can't find what I am looking for! I too have a bedroom that could be transformed into a sewing space but I am having the same difficulty as you. It is hard to make that change for sure!

Carla said...

Lookin good!