Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thank You Selina!

Hello friends…it’s been a while.  I’ll spare you the details but will summarize by saying that life and my day job have kept me a bit distracted.  While I have been creative, I haven’t had time to post nor have I been able to keep up with my blog reading.  This makes me sad as I have terribly missed my blog friends.

I’m popping in this evening because I owe a HUGE overdue Thank You to Selina.

She is not only a talented and creative blogger… you can visit her here… she is also a very caring person.  When Selina read my post about the Operation: Warm & Fuzzy helmet liners, she expressed an interest in joining.  Click here and here to read more about this charitable event.

Now, our official campaign runs from Memorial Day through October and we donate the helmet liners to Forgotten Soldiers Organization in November.  We can knit year round but we do not typically submit the liners until the campaign starts. 

I received a special package from Selina in February and then another one in April. 

Yes, she has already knitted and donated 5 helmet liners to this effort.  THANK YOU SELINA!  One of her dear friends knitted one so there are six ready to go!

Please visit her blog and read through her posts.  You will find that she not only knits helmet liners but also makes charity quilts, cancer caps and so much more.

Now, I have some catching up to do…

Hope you are having a great week!


Kris said...

Lovely of Selina to do! I too have been sporatic with posting, AND following. I have so much going on right now! I am trying to keep up.
Take care!!!
xo Kris

Terry said...

I understand about being busy! I'm reading blogs but don't have much time to leave comments. And finding time to sew is just as hard. I'm trying to squeeze it in though. :0)

Vicky Hunt said...

So good to hear from you Jeanna! I was thinking about you a few days ago and figured you must be busy since we hadn't heard from you lately...:) Life does get busy sometimes doesn't it? Hope your week is going well!
blessings, Vicky

Abby and Stephanie said...

Many helping hands and giving hearts make the world a better place. You've been missed.

Stephanie said...

What a sweet and wonderful friend!

So nice to stop in and say hi! Have a lovely day :) Hugs

Candace said...

I hope we see you back here soon, Jeanna! I, for one, have missed you! Way to go Selina! Don't we all just love what people like her do for others!

Aunt 'Reen said...

What a talented and generous person Selina is! What a great cause - I commend all of you talented women that knit these!

Happy to see you blogging again!

Art and Sand said...

I am finding that I can either write blog posts or read blog posts, but I can't find time for both.

Life does get in the way.