Friday, May 18, 2018

Back On the Farm and Other Progress

Happy Friday Everyone!

No, I haven’t moved to a farm (not that I wouldn’t mind) but I am back on track for completing the blocks from Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage book.  Last year Dawn from sewyouquilt2 tried to revive this effort in me, and others, who had started the project but for various reasons didn’t finish.  And once again we found other projects that excited us more or life just changed directions. 

Well, Dawn is trying again 😊

We will complete at least two blocks per month until we finish…and we mean it this time! Right, Dawn?

These are May’s selections…

Scrappy Maple Leaf Block

Sunny Sunflower Block

This will only leave me with seven blocks to go.

In the beginning I wanted to do this project so that I would use up some bits of scraps.  I’ve decided one reason I lost motivation was because I became overwhelmed when selecting my bits. (I was trying too hard to match my scraps to the fabrics Lori used.)  So when the next block was announced, I would dread going to the scrap supply to pull fabrics.  Does that make sense?

It is an adorable project and I really want to finish these blocks, whether they go into a quilt, runners or something else.  This close to the end I think I should just pull all of the fabrics for the remaining blocks, when the mood hits me, then I’ll be ready when it is time to sew them.

Can you offer any other suggestions?


I shared here that my friend Kelly and I are sewing along with Pat Sloan’s Let’s Go Camping block of the month.  

These are April’s blocks…

My block 4

Kelly’s block 4

It is taking us a little longer to get to number 5 because Kelly was traveling (ha, not me this time) and I had knee surgery yesterday.  Seems that exciting banana boat incident in Key West awhile ago completely tore my ACL. 

I have made progress on two other quilts and will be back soon to share those with you.

This is Flossi working away on our recent camping trip
In the meantime, have a magnificent weekend!


Julierose said...

Just love your blocks--I wouldn't worry about pulling fabrics--whatever hits your fancy for each block as it is scrappy...the borders can be used to pull it all together...hugs, Julierose

sewyouquilt2 said...

I found to stay on track I would cut a few blocks ahead. then when the sewing itch was felt I just had to sit and go sew. was nice to have them ready
great job my friend! Now I had better get to that sunflower block right?

Karen said...

One of my friends prefers patterns in black and white so that she is forced to select from her stash and not what someone else has done. If you want to use your stash, don't worry about what the fabrics the designer used. Just use whatever you have in stash already and go for it. You must have liked what you purchased. Or if you have colors similar to the designer, choose fabrics that are in those colors but have fun pulling from what you pulled into your pile. I like pulling a selection of fabrics I like and look pleasing together and keep working from what I chose and maybe add some more from stash as I move along. Hope you find a solution.

Kim said...

Your blocks are beautiful. I totally understand the overwhelming aspect of going through the scrap fabrics. I find that if I have them sorted into color families they’re more manageable so I can just pull pieces from the colors I need. I also cut the scraps into usable sizes. Hope this helps.

Gene Black said...

Don't try to match fabrics or even colors to what Lori is doing. Instead match values as best you can. If you know how to turn her photo into a black/white photo, then it becomes much easier.

Vicki in MN said...

So glad to see a post from you! So you have a featherweight-did you know I bought my first one last year? I hear ya on those scraps. I would love to join the Scrap Dance scrappy quilts to use some scraps, but it is so overwhelming to dig in the scrap bin and takes a lot of time cutting them so I haven't joined in making these beautiful quilts. All that to say I wish you the very best!!

Kyle said...

Glad your FW was helping you stitch these blocks. Just remember this is all suppose to be fun. Hope you're doing well after your surgery.

barbara woods bewtjw@gmail.com said...

I loved makes all those blocks! Have seen some more I plan to try, maybe for a runner from days gone by

moosecraft said...

Beautiful blocks! Keeping up with a project is sometimes difficult...but, having a block buddy sure does help! Love that pic of Flossi! She looks like a movie star! :-)

Needled Mom said...
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Needled Mom said...

I got bumped off so will finish my comment. I think all blocks should be shown in black and white so we would have a blank slate. Picking fabrics always seems to take the longest for me too.

I hope you have a swift recovery from your surgery. Will it involve lots of PT?

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I found your comment about why you lost interest in the Farm Girl blocks interesting. Though I haven't quilted much, I think I would have that same problem. Sometimes you see an example that is so pretty you just want to try your best to make yours look the same. I am using scraps in the next piece I am doing for the next Endeavourers Challenge. Of course I did get some ideas from Pinterest and really love a stunning example. But I am not going to look at it again so that I won't be tempted to veer from my own design. I think Needled Mom has a good idea about posting examples in black and white. But then I guess a lot would question if that is the color combination THEY should use as well.

Hope you heal quickly from the surgery and hope it was successful.
xx, Carol

Vicky Hunt said...

Your blocks look great! Overthinking things often takes the joy out of it doesn't it? I had to hop over here and see if I could find out what happened to your leg. Bummer! No fun but hopefully it will heal quickly and be good as new soon. Take it easy and enjoy the rest. |
Hugd, Vicky

Aunt 'Reen said...

Great new blocks Jeanna!
I especially love the Camping themed ones. Perfect theme for your camping/camper trips. and Flossi is such a sweet little sewing machine!

barbara woods said...

I have lost all my comments , Have you?