Sunday, April 19, 2015

H2H Progress Report and A Sailor's Quilt

In my last post (a while ago) I shared about Sarah’s Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt Challenge. In that post I mentioned that two of my donations would be familiar to you.

This is the first one…remember Goodnight Irene? 

Well, it came back from the long-arm quilter with cute little swirlies. I am in the process of making the binding and once it is finished, it will go to Happy Chemo.

You can read more about the Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt Challenge and the featured charities on Sarah’s blog Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


My Navy son and his shipmates will be leaving San Diego for Japan in May.  He wanted a quilt for his ship’s rack so, of course, I’m on it!

I machine embroidered blocks with a nautical theme.  There will be 3 blocks each of 7 different designs.   The racks are so small that I only need 21 blocks, sashing and a small border to make a quilt.


Compass and Coral




Ship's Wheel and Oars

(We live in the Sailfish capital of the world, according to the Chamber of Commerce)

Each block will be sashed in yellow then bordered by white anchors on navy background.

I’ll share more about the fabric and the designs when it is finished.

It doesn’t look like our son will be able to come home before he deploys so my daughter and I will personally deliver the quilt to him.  Flights and hotel are booked.  We will spend just over a week in San Diego and be on the pier when the ship leaves the dock!  I am crying now, can’t imagine what that day will be like but I am so very proud of him.  I’m also grateful that he is doing something that he enjoys.

Between these two projects and my day job, the screen door is surely slammin’. 

What has been keeping you busy?


Carrie P. said...

What an awesome quilt you are making for your son. I know that is going to be a hard time for you to say good bye but at the same time I know how proud you must be.

Terri said...

Love your G'night Irene. I can see that staying away from the Xs color in the 16 sq blocks is the way to make it look right. Love your color way. I made a GNI too, but mine is confusing because I used the same values in the squares as in the Xs. Oh well. I'm still learning. Thanks for the look at yours.

Joanna said...

Thank your son for his service to our country; Our service people make us all proud. I love your embroidery and look forward to seeing the finish. Also love your Goodnight Irene quilt; beautiful.

Gene Black said...

Awesome - all of his buddies will be jealous.

Terry said...

Your Goodnight Irene is beautiful! Someone is definitely going to love it! :0)

Karen said...

Perfect embroidery designs for a sailor. I do not have an embroidery machine. You can do such nice things with them nowadays.

Vicky Hunt said...

You have been busy Jeanna! I caqnnot wait to see your son's quilt! It is going to be amazing. I know it will be hard for you to say good-bye when he leaves. My daughter is planning to move to Europe this summer to teach English over there. I am having an extremely hard time dealing with it. I have been praying a LOT! Anywho, have a wonderful week!

moosecraft said...

Goodnight Irene is going to be cherished by someone! Very pretty! Love the quilt you are making for your son... I think all of his shipmates are going to be jealous! :-) Enjoy your visit with him!

tink's mom said...

Love how your Good Night Irene turned out. It will make someone very happy and comforted. A big soft hug. The start of the quilt for your son is impressive. It will be wonderful that he can take a warm hug from mom with him on his travels. Have a safe trip.

ThreeOldKeys said...

Wow, and Wow!
Two very different quilted treasures, for two very different recipients.
Both will be much appreciated I'm sure.

Candace said...

Someone will be very lucky to receive Goodnight Irene, Jeanna! Not only is it beautiful, but made by a very caring quilter :>) Wow - your Navy son's quilt will be stunning! His bunk will shine over all the others! How wonderful that you can deliver it in person! Better bring a large box of kleenex!

andsewon said...

Goodnight Irene is lovely! Sure it will be so appreciated. Your son's quilt will be a stunner for sure! His peers will be jealous! He may need to padlock it too his bunk...;-)

Breesmimi said...

Your Goodnight Irene quilt is beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished Sailor quilt you are making for your son. The blocks are stunning and are perfect for a Navy guy (GO NAVY! My Dad was a sailor.) and you hand delivering this lovely gift will make it even more special to your son. Maybe you will get to take a trip to Japan while he is deployed there.

Kris said...

How beautiful! I love it!
xo Kris

Jeanna said...

Thank you Kris!

have to reply to your comment here as I didn't get an email notification that you commented. I'm still having Blogger issues.

I look forward to seeing what you create with your new embroidery machine. They are a lot of fun!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

My husband was in the Navy and also stationed in San Diego...you'll have a wonderful visit. I showed him your qiult blocks and he too thought it will be the perfect manly quilt. Thanks for the individual cloe up pictures.