Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stitch Therapy and The Iron

Happy Sunday after the 4th of July!

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend, including those celebrating the American 4th of July.
When things do not always go as we plan or when life throws that nasty curve ball…it’s good to know that we have something to help us through those challenges…

Stitch Therapy!
I’m going to skip the boring details of my challenges and show you the results of my therapy…

I completed helmet liner #4 for the Operation: Warm & Fuzzy campaign at work.  (I told you I had gotten better J )


Can’t wait for tomorrow’s new pattern!
I also finished my blocks for Aunt Reen’s June Sew-A-Long… still behind but making progress none-the-less.  There are some blocks that I really love and some that …well, not so much but they are still going into this quilt!

(These are lined up on my buffet which is against a mirrored wall)

All of this progress in spite of a big UH OH! 
The Iron…… 
This iron belonged to my grandmother and I have been using it for all of my quilting projects.  Why?  Because it is a REAL iron…a HEAVY iron.  For some odd reason, it started leaving rust marks on my fabric.  The sole plate looks fine, I haven’t put water in it at all and I’ve had it for many many years. So my friend let me borrow her extra iron until I can get a new one…

 Now that I am in the market for a new iron, I am looking for recommendations.  I don’t like a ‘wimpy’ iron, I need something that will do the job on quilting projects as well as household ironing.  I’ve owned a Rowenta (loved that iron) and I’ve heard a little bit about Oliso’s.  Do you have a suggestion or recommendation?
Also, do you use steam or a dry iron when pressing blocks for a quilt?
I look forward to learning from you!
Hope your screen door is slammin' this week my Friends!


Anne said...

Your Christmas quilt looks amazing, Jeanna. Great job.

I can't help with the iron - I'm in Scotland so any advice I do have would probably be irrelevant anyway. I hope others can help you with that.

Hugs in dealing with your "nasty curve ball".

Patti said...

I've had 2 Rowentas in the past 30 years and I've loved them both. I anticipate needing a new iron soon and was curious too about the Oliso. I'd love to find someone with one so I can try it first! lol I'd love to know what you decide. As for steam...I always use it. Don't know if I shouldn't, I just always have. I think the trick is to press, not iron.

Grit said...

Looks so wonderful.
Grit from Germany

Candace said...

Wow - send some of that therapy my way, Jeanna! You've made great progress! Sorry about the iron - those old workhorses were wonderful but are sadly fading away. I have been using the Oliso for quite a few years. I have had two of the more expensive ones in yellow, but they tend to break down. I keep going back to my original Oliso and totally love it! I can barely iron with anything else. Oh - and "My name is Candace and I use steam, lots of steam when pressing quilt blocks" That's my addiction, and I'm stickin' to it!

Carrie P. said...

Looks like therapy is working. You got a lot done.
I have a Rowenta which I have had for about 7 years now. I like it and wouldn't know what else to recommend.
I do not use steam when I press my blocks. It can shrink the fabric which is surprising. I guess if you steam one part you better steam them all so they will fit right.

Robyn said...

I have two Rowentas one at my home and one at my DD's both made in Germany. I got them on the clearance rack at Lowes!

Unknown said...

You Have been busy!..I love Seeing Christmas quilts.
Cute patterns!!..

Thelma said...

I'm loving that FQS sew-along. I keep seeing those adorable blocks on blogs, I may have to join in.

I use steam and my iron is the Rowenta Pro Precision Steam Station. I love it and bough mine from Amazon.

Jeanna said...

Wow, your projects all look wonderful!! You have been very busy! I will be interested to see what kind of iron you get, I'm always looking for one that really works!