Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Girl's Lunch: Mrs. Mac's Fillin' Station

 WARNING: Photo Overload
This is not a quilty, crafty post at all.  This is ME  keeping that promise I made to you here.  I didn’t have a camera with me the first time I went to this restaurant with Mom.  Well, my DD and I went back there with Mom last Saturday and I took LOTS of photos.  Here is a sampling…

My Mom and DD 
The front door handle
Menus have a license plate on the front and back covers
Flatware wrapped in oil rags (that have NEVER touched an automobile) 
Squeeze your tea lemon, wipe your hands on the napkin and it turns black...like OIL!

A wall in the Men's Room...yep, they took me in there!

Men's Room 
Ladies Room 


Who doesn't LOVE a Mustang?

Instead of mints at the end of your meal, you are given bubble gum :)

I hope you enjoyed the photos from Mrs. Mac’s.  The three of us had a great day and even did a little ‘antique shopping’ afterwards.  I’ll save that post for later.
I also did A LOT of stitching this weekend…just wait until you see what I was working on.  Hope to have another ‘share’ soon.
Have a great short week my Friends :)



  1. What a cool place! Looking forward to seeing all your stitching - I have been a bad girl and not stitched all summer!


  2. Loved all of your photos !
    Some of those items really go back a ways ! My goodness, where do they get all of their license plates !

  3. Great place, Jeanna! Looks like a place that should be on Diner's Drive-In's and Dive's! Thanks for going back and taking all the photos! Can't wait to see what you've been stitching.

  4. What an amazing place, Jeanna. Thanks for sharing the coolness of it all! :o)

  5. Now I am really wanting to go there! My hubby would love that place more than me I think! :) Thanks for sharing all the photos...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  6. What a great place - glad you took pictures, sounds like so much fun!!

  7. What fun, and oh how old I feel as I recognize lots of that stuff from the real world.

  8. I did enjoy seeing the restaurant. What a fun place.

  9. What a cool place indeed. The license plate menu and the napkin that turned black like oil when you wiped your lemony hands.
    thanks for sharing


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